Services I offer


I offer a range of services to ensure your Piano will perform at its maximum potential.
For a quick summary of my services and information you may click here to see a short introductory video


Tuning Service

Tuning a Grand Piano


Matthew Tuning a Grand Piano


Training at the royal national college in Hereford, winning the Mcgreggers prize and becoming a certified Piano Tuner Technician for the two leading associations in the UK, I tune to a professional standard whatever the situation. Tuning services I offer includes pitch raising, and fine tuning.


Repair Service

Repairing an Upright Piano Action

Replacing a broken hammer shank

Repairing an Upright Piano action

Replacing a broken hammer shank

I carry out a variety of repair work including on site repairs (such as sticking keys, broken hammer shanks, string replacement etc). For more demanding repair work i can rebuild the Piano action in my workshop.

Repair work includes:

String replacement
Action part replacement, such as hammer shanks, flanges, dampers and other wooden and moving parts
Action felt replacement
Center pin replacement
Key bushing replacement and easing
Key top covering replacement
Pedal repairs

Regulating Service

The regulating service I offer ensures that your Piano performs at its best. Regulation is an important process as for the Piano to produce an even playability, execute dynamics, and function correctly.

Regulating includes dampers and touch, key leveling, dip and hammer spacing. Loss motion, check, and set off ajustments.


Cleaning Service

Cleaning an Upright Piano


Cleaning an Upright Piano


I offer a cleaning service for both Upright and Grand Pianos. The service includes soundboard cleaning, removal of keys to gain access to the keybed (this is where decades of dust and objects can be found), and action cleaning.

Voicing Service

Voicing of the Piano in simple terms is brightening or mellowing the tone of a Piano. Also over time the tone across the full compass of a piano can become uneven due to grooves and compressed felt in the hammer heads. Voicing will remedy the unevenness of tone. This includes hammer reshaping.










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