Caring for your Piano



It is recommended to have your piano tuned once or twice a year, even if the piano is not being used as it will lose its fine tuning over a period of time due to seasonal temperature and humidity (an ideal humidity is 50% - you may purchase a humidity meter directly from me). A regularly maintained piano will give trouble free service for many years as the strings and iron frame are being kept at the correct tension and any problems can be picked up and easily repaired at an early stage.

Pianos are designed to sound best when regularly tuned to A440 pitch which will match other instruments.


For more information on tuning and my other services please visit the 'Services I Offer' page




Treat your piano like a piece of valuable furniture. Keep it clean and never stand drinks, vases of flowers, or plants on it. Spilled liquids can seriously damage your piano.

New pianos finished in polyester or satin lacquer require only a light dusting with a feather duster or soft fabric cloth (flannel or chamois) as coarse or synthetic fabrics can scratch some finishes.

To remove fingerprints or similar marks use a slightly soft damp cloth, clean with a gentle touch and dry immediately with a separate cloth. Always wipe with long straight strokes and not circular motions. On no account use spray polish.

Do not dust any exposed parts inside your piano, these are fragile and best left for a Technician to clean these areas.

Do not position your piano next to a radiator or in direct sunlight. Avoid under floor heating if possible (a special heater displacement mat can be used to prevent damage to your Piano).  Avoid locations near AC vents, heaters, fireplaces, directly in front of windows 

Play your Piano regularly. The Piano action contains many bushing and centre pins, and if left dormant for long periods of time this can cause sticking keys to occur.

If the only available location is in a room that is not ideal (i.e huge changes in humidity) a special humidifier and dehumidifier designed for Pianos can be fitted by me, known as 'Dampp Chaser - Piano Life Saver'. Click here for more information.










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