P Newington - London (c1930s)


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This is the first 'P Newington' Upright Piano that I have come across. It was one of the many British makers of Piano that flooded the market during the 1920s and 1930s. This Instrument has gone through a reconditioning process to ensure its longevity for future generations.


Piano action before restoration
The above photo shows the condition of the action of the Piano when I first acquired it. You can see how the action parts have deteriorated, miss aligned etc.

deteriorated piano action parts - ready for restoration

On further disassembly we can see the amount of dirt, grime, and parts that are in need of replacement.

action leather completly worn - due to replacement

The original leather has completely worn away as you can see in the above photo.

Replacement hammer shank. missing butt return springs on piano action.

You can see that the majority of the return butt springs have disintegrated and are mainly missing.
I have also replaced several broken hammer shanks.

action leather, bridal tie tapes, butt return springs now fitted

In the above picture you can see all the deteriorated parts have been replaced. New bridal tie tapes, action leather, and butt return springs have been fitted.

Front rail baize washers detiorated        New front key baize washers fitted
The front baize washers under the keys were also very worn. New front baize washers have been fitted

New balance rail punching felt has been fitted
New balance rail felts have been installed


Old Nameboard felt        New nameboard felt
The old nameboard felt had also deterioated, and has been replaced.


New key tops and fronts have also been fitted to the Piano - see the final pictures below of the Piano reassembled, regulated, and ready to go!

The casework does show signs of some wear due to age, but is a very desirable and attractive looking instrument.

Free delivery and first tuning (within a 10 mile radius from my location - Penn, Wolverhampton)

For any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact me at orderitem@matthewjamesrichards.co.uk


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