Tide of Dreams
Matthew James Richards

featured on the piano channel 4 episode 4 - Birmingham New Street Station


Featured on the Channel 4 program 'The Piano' Tide of Dreams', the album is
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From playing the Piano at the age of 5, and discovering his natural ability of perfect pitch, Matthew is a visually impaired pianist and composer
living in Wolverhampton who has recently been featured on the Channel 4: program 'The Piano'. Working full-time as a Piano Tuner, Matthew has
dedicated his life to the instrument. His repertoire covers a wide variety of genres and styles having been
influenced by his hobby of collecting vintage gramophones, and phonograph cylinders, to present day artists.


Claudia Winkleman chatting to Matthew on 'The Piano'

Pianist and composer Matthew Performing 'Tide of Dreams' at Biringham New Street Station on 'The Piano' Channel 4

pianist Lang Lang, and singer Mika, impressed by Matthew James Richards 'Tide of Dreams'

Matthew chatting to
Claudia Winkleman

Matthew Performing 'Tide of Dreams'
at Birmingham New Street Station

Matthew impresses Lang Lang and Mika with
his playing skill and composition





NEW! 'Tide of Dreams' the album
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News update!

Featured in the October 14th 2023 edition 'The People's Friend' Magazine!
The People's Friend Magazine - "How Matthew beat the odds to produce a classic piano album October 14th 2023

4.3k Streams in 2023 on Spotify of 'Tide of Dreams' - Featured on Channel 4 The Piano Episode 4
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"Matthew James Richards 4.3K Streams Matthew Jamet Richards Tide Dreams 259 Listeners 332 Hours 43 Countries. The Piano Channel 4 Episode 4

Matthew was interviewed on BBC Radio WM

Matthew has been featured on BBC News! Follow his musical journey on coping with sight loss
and overcoming a disability

Matthew Appeared on BBC Midlands Today 6.30pm news!

Featured in the 'Express & Star'
detailing Matthew's latest album 'Tide of Dreams'
and the recent aperance on the channel 4 program 'The Piano'

An article featured by the 'George Formby Society''
iscussing his excperience on the Channel 4 show 'The Piano'


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